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Pinnacle Data Systems Adds New Client in Unique Vertical

26 April 2012

PDS Demonstrates Flexibility, Security, and Ability to Understand Diverse Business Requirements.

Birmingham, AL – Pinnacle Data Systems, L.L.C., (PDS), a provider of business-critical document delivery solutions, adds a leader in the transportation, storage and marketing of crude and refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas and other natural gas related petroleum products to their growing client base. The organization was looking for a new partner that offered enhanced security, flexibility and had a vision for future enhancements through state-of-the-art technology with a firm foundation in paper and electronic document delivery expertise.

“I am thrilled to welcome this industry frontrunner to the PDS family,” said Mitch Anderson, VP of Business Development for Pinnacle Data Systems. “We were able to successfully understand their business, while demonstrating our high level of data and physical security, adaptability, and solid proficiency in paper and electronic document creation and distribution. Our ability to combine documents to reduce multiple mailings, coupled with our interest and aptitude to appreciate their industry while offering distinctive solutions to their problems through superior technology, made PDS stand out as the right choice,” Anderson added.

Transitioning from one outsourcing provider to another is a challenge because the potential is there that a lot of time and energy will result in little to no benefit. “PDS is dedicated to providing a smooth and quick implementation process, resulting in an enriched client experience and the improvement of their operations through enhanced business communication,” noted Anderson. “Our commitment to the highest level of security for data, physical checks and documents, and protected access to our redundant facilities with inherent business continuity, adds further peace of mind. In addition, we provide online tools including Job Tracking, File Approval, Special Handling and TransPromo to effortlessly provide an extension of our production facility to our clients’ desktop.”