Client Relations

We say “clients.” Really, we’re partners, pooling our resources and working together to communicate with your customers. Let us show you how.

Client Support

Client support is about more than answering questions-it’s about communication. It’s about developing a partnership. And it’s about understanding your business as well as you do, so that we can find the solutions to best suit your needs. It’s why the first thing we’ll do when we make contact is assign you a personal client services representative (CSR)-a name, a face and a voice to work with as your primary contact and resource. And with our after-hours Help Desk, you can be confident you’ll have a real, live human to talk to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the support and service you need.

Project Management

You’re an expert at your business-but your business isn’t printing, mailing or creating electronic documents. Let us help.

PDS’s project managers have more than 60 years’ collective experience in project management and extensive knowledge of software and data formats that will make your project work. Your dedicated project manager will be responsible for managing implementation. During your kickoff meeting, you’ll discuss and review the requirements and specifics necessary to make your project a success. A weekly scheduled status call will also be arranged at this time.

Your project manager will develop a plan that includes business rules and requirements, technical requirements, tasks to be completed, duration and target dates, as well as the go-live date for the project. Regular team meetings-weekly, or as needed-will keep the project on track and all team members informed of ongoing progress and any issues that might arise. No surprises, no headaches. Just open communication and peace of mind that your documents are being handled safely and securely by dedicated professionals with decades of experience.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Catastrophes happen. But a disaster doesn’t have to be disastrous for your business.

PDS’s business continuity and disaster recovery services keep your documents in production, no matter the circumstances. Each PDS location features backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies. And our redundantly equipped facilities make it possible to produce your documents using the same materials, machinery and certified processes at any PDS location, shifting production without interruption at the push of a button.